Global Perspective on Metaliteracy



This topic is very interesting because it talks about how metaliteracy is important to everybody in the world no matter where they are located.  For someone in America, they will need metaliteracy just as much as someone anywhere in Europe, or even Asia. Metaliteracy also allows us to connect with others around different parts of the world.  It makes that process a lot easier, and a lot more useful.  Being able to use and analyze information is key to our global success, and should not be overlooked.

This has related to a class topic because we learned about many false web pages that exist on the internet.  These pages can be created by anybody anywhere in the country, and I feel that for a foreigner using the internet in our country, it would be a lot easier to use a site that is not valid.  Also, we are learning to make a website, and websites can be viewed by anybody in the world.  Therefore, I feel that we should teach ourselves the styles of websites from different countries so we can use them in the future.

This relates to an in class assignment just like the Martin Luther King page because that could have been created by anybody, even in another country that does not have the same values as America.  Also, it relates to a specific homeowork assignment also.  We had to find an unreliable site, and I feel that a foreigner would have trouble finding the difference between a valid site and an invalid site.


The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy


The topic I found most interesting was Metacognition and Cognitive learning.  Originally I was not aware that metacognition is the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.  However, after reading and analyzing the word itself, it makes sense to me.  In the article I read I observed how metacognitive knowledge is knowledge about preselected knowledge; in other words it is the knowledge about how different aspects or beliefs affect how cognitive thoughts are processed.  The aspect I found the most interesting was the model of cognitive monitoring.  I feel that the studying of metacognitive processes is very important because understanding the development of a young person’s mind could be the cause of this individual’s success or failure.

I learned about different metacognitive processes in a psychology class, and it has always interested me because we cannot affect how one thinks once they are born.  However, if we designate enough time and effort into the thought process of the human brain, I think that we can improve their mental capacity.  Learning the correct way to think and make decisions will eliminate a lot of mental errors that humans make.  Also, as a marketing major, a lot of marketers spend time looking into how people think when purchasing a product or service.  Therefore this directly applies to my major and also to the field that I will working in for my whole career.

This article also directly applies to our discussion in class.  We talked about how people read books and articles differently and less effective if they are on a computer screen as opposed to on paper.  If we spent time looking into why this happens, it could be fixed and we could learn how to read from different sources without a difference in efficiency.  Also, we talked about how researching can often mislead people who are looking for information.  It is our job as researchers to realize which information is useful, and which is not.

This article relates to recent assignments because technology has a big part in cognitive processes.  Technology has allowed us to find information easier, but that comes with a great responsibility.  As researchers, we have to make sure not to plagiarize, and we also have to make sure that we are finding information that is accurate.  That is where the metacognitive dimension comes into play; there are a lot of sources online that we can find that may be misleading, but we need to do our best to mentally make sure that the information we use is accurate.  Also, since metaliteracy means a lot to me, I always try to include the metacognitive dimension when I am being information literate.


Effects of Metaliteracy



Social and technological influences have influenced the various roles and domains of students in many ways.  The first way is positive, because it allows us to do research easier.  There are many available research methods that were not available a few years back that make researching more efficient and faster.  Just like the RAT in class discussed, wikipedia is a great tool for finding out general information about a topic even though it is not a viable source to cite in a paper.  Like we saw by creating our own website, there are many possibilities that we have as students that were not available in the past.  Metaliteracy is specifically important to me because research will be a big part of my career and I would like to learn as much as possible in this class that will help me with my career.  Also, being able to navigate through websites will allow me to network and hopefully find a job after college.


I definitely feel that students today are better off than they were 50 years ago because the opportunities for research are infinite.  If I want to research baseball, I can use my phone, my laptop, the library, a book, the newspaper, and many other sources and they are all easily accessible.  All of the resources that were available in the past are still available, and there are even more resources we can use.  Personally, I am very happy with how metaliteracy is today because it gives me options on how to research in case I am in a situation where I need quick information.  Also, with the technology available it allows students to share the information with each other easier and quicker.  I think overall, metaliteracy is making great strides.  However, I feel that there are less roles for students because a lot of the actual researching is already done and requires less work than needed in the past.  This may lead to laziness because if we do not get in the habit of doing our own work we may not succeed in life; however I feel that we as students should use whatever resources are available to us so we can do the best research we can.  As I’ve seen in class, there are many more distractions from doing actual work then there were in the past.  Also, technology isn’t perfect; therefore there could be a scenario where I need information off of my iPhone but it doesn’t work.  This is the most frustrating part of metaliteracy and it is not easy to fix.

What metaliteracy means to me

Metaliteracy means a lot to me, and its not only because of this class.  I have always had an interest in metailteracy, but this class has made me realized how much it means to me.  One of the bigger parts of metaliteracy is information literacy, which is being able to find information and use it to your advantage.  I feel that being literate in different fields is a very valuable skill to have, because no matter what you do, you need to find information and be able to use it to your advantage.


Metaliteracy is very important because it combines new technologies and the ability to understand the information that comes from these new technologies.  Compared to information literacy, metaliteracy focuses more on the producing and sharing of valuable information by using these technologies.  I feel that information literacy is great, but it does not cover as wide of a spectrum as metaliteracy does.


Being a marketing major, metaliteracy is extremely important to me for many reasons.  FIrst, the gathering of information is a huge part in successful marketing because we need information to base our marketing strategies off of.  Also, being able to use this information to our advantage is one of the most important aspects to being successful.  Lastly, we need to know how to find this information on sites such as google and even by using databases, newspapers, and books.


I hope this course gives me a new view on how to find and process valuable information, because it will help me with my everyday life along with my major.  I think that being more metaliterate will help me with my life because I will not only know how to find information, but I will now know how to process it and what to do with it.  I look forward to this course.